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PlusMe is an app for taking and editing photos quickly and easily. With this app, you can adjust all aspects of your photos in pursuit of the perfect selfie.

With PlusMe, you can take photos and edit them, or edit photos you've already taken on your smartphone. If you use this app as your camera, PlusMe will help you set certain parameters before you take the photo, making sure it's taken in the best conditions possible.

From the photo editor, you can apply tons of different effects as you see fit. You can change the color of your eyes, enhance your skin tone, whiten your teeth, get rid of dark circles, and so on. All of these are great effects to try out, plus there are other more common ones like changing the image size or rotating it.

PlusMe is a very useful photo editor that will help you finally take the perfect selfie. It's also designed with social media in mind, so you can easily share your works of art as soon as you're done.